Saturday, 10 September 2011

Get to know me tag!

I saw a tag on BeautyFashionLife a couple of days ago and i decided that since my blog is fairly new i would do a get to know me tage :)

i'm 19

Bed Size: 

Chore you hate
I don't mind chores actually :)


Essential start to your day : 
I would say a good nights sleep always makes for the best start to the day

Favourite Colour
hard to pick a favourite but i love corals

Gold or Silver : 
i wear silver everyday and gold on special occasions

Super short, i'm 5ft 4in

Instruments : 
I've learnt guitar and piano but i don't really play anymore

Job Title : 

Kids : 
not yet

Live : 
Australia :)

Mums Name : 

My name is hard to make a nickname for but i have little names my family calls me.

Overnight Hospital Stays
Apart from when i was born only twice, when i was 2 i broke my leg so i was in hospital for a month, then overnight when i had my tonsils out.

Pet Peeve
When people try and deny that they said something even though they originally said it to you.

Quote from a movie
I have seen so many movies it's hard to pick one specific quote. But the most recent movied i saw was dinner for schmucks, 'the worlds smallest violin and its playing just for you.'

Right/Left Handed
Right :)

Older brother who is 21 and younger sister who is 14.

Time you wake up : 
I like to sleep in so sometimes 9am othertimes 8ish


Vegetables you dislike : 
i would agree with Amy when she said beetroot. 

What makes you run late
When i hit snooze on my alarm if i've had a late night.

X-Rays : 
Have had a couple

Yummy food you make : 
I love cooking and will usually make up my own recipes.

Zoo : 
I love the zoo, so i try and go whenever i go on holidays


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